About Me

What’s up everybody?

It’s your boy JV.

I am the experiment for JV FIT! I’m applying all the formulas that I’ve created which worked on me to encourage my body growth and now I’m sharing it to help others. My experiences and knowledge come from many years of exercising and competing in sports, mainly combat sports.

About ME

I have always had a huge passion for sports, even from such a young age, my first word was FIT!

I have conquered so much in 14 years, from fitting into my first boxing gloves to winning the title of European Jiu Jitsu Junior Champion and being chosen to switch on the Christmas lights in my hometown, what an incredible honour.

My goal is to create a new positive pattern for my generation with health and fitness. The goal is
happiness, JV FIT is a movement.

Follow me on this journey and we’ll grow together

“Focus on reaching happiness” – JV

History of JV

From as far back as I could remember, I’ve been wanting to be some kind of athlete as my great grandfather was a Wrestler and Powerlifter. So, between me and my great grandfather, there’s 100 years; you could say I’m 100 years in the making! 

2020, a year like no other, changed everything. I was on course to be a fighter and Kabaddi player, that’s still going to happen, but this year I’ve been learning personal training and realised, with the knowledge and experience I have, I can help others.

Vision and Purpose

My aim is to help as many people as possible. Obviously, I’m targeting my generation as we can relate to each other, and those that are younger than me can hopefully learn from the mistakes that I’ve made. However, my overall goal is to reach the world. 


The 'WHY?'

My generation is at an all time low. Obesity is out of control. Crime, bullying and depression are on the rise. Through health and fitness, we can help cure these problems and atleast take the stress away. Focus on improving mental health and a positive mindset. 

“Health is the complete state of physical, emotional and social wellbeing.”




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